Home cleaning

Need a home refresher? Our standard cleaning is for you! We will leave your home sparkly & clean just the way you like it!

Do you need those extra steps to deeply cleanse your home? Allergies? Pet dander? Let us deep clean your home for a healthier and happier you!

Our maid cleaning service in Eastern North Carolina is tailored to your needs. We provide a professional, friendly and affordable cleaning service that is scheduled at convenient times for you and your family.

Scheduling and Pricing

We will work with you to select a cleaning schedule that will work for you. We offer a customizable set of maid cleaning service schedules (daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning).

House cleaning service prices / maid service prices are based on the size of your home and the time the job takes to complete. If limited with space can be reworked ‘based on Sq footage & time’.  Drop us a note if you have any questions.  

Let us do your work so you can enjoy and relax in your free time!